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Founded in 1999, Twisted Measure is Elon University’s first all gender a cappella group.

Since its foundation, Twisted Measure has recorded 9 studio albums, and has enjoyed performing at various events around Elon as well as up and down the East Coast during the group’s annual Fall Break tour.


As a tradition, the group has always performed barefoot. Why? Going shoeless seems to bring a little more "sole" to the music.


In the past few years we have toured Charleston, SC, performed for Elon University President Connie Book, and released music videos from our newest album, Dusk Before Dawn, including covers of "Movement", and our single "Chandelier" from 2015, which garnered more than 6 million views and was featured in People Magazine, Time, and USA Today among others. 


Most importantly, Twisted Measure is a group of friends who love to sing together.


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